Quality, Affordable, Risk Free Development

From creating software that powers a business, to designing the next big wireless application, GNC International Consulting, LLC helps companies meet the increasing demand for global development services. In today's business environment, bringing solutions to market must be achieved quickly and at a highly competitive cost. Our talented team in the U.S., combined with our fully staffed facility in Odessa, Ukraine and Shanghai, China, allows us to provide security, ease of communication, and highly qualified consultants at very competitive rates.

GNC International maintains a high quality delivery model and product assurances, with the very best in developer talent from all over the world. Our clients include internationally recognized companies that benefit from our ability to build cutting-edge, custom software that is based on the latest Microsoft or Oracle technologies.

Our people and our unique approach ensure that every job is done right the first time

The GNC International Global Methodology focuses on the key strategic and tactical areas that must be addressed to maximize return on investment while minimizing business risk to ensure successful completion of projects. GNC’s Global Methodology is comprised of activities logically grouped into five distinct stages to assure proper project management and control techniques during the life cycle of a project.

The goal of this methodology is to ensure the following:

• Define requirements and develop detailed specifications
• Quality Deliverables
• Consistent Documentation
• Consistent Testing
• Multiple Levels of Control to Ensure Results

GNC International combines consultants with over
10 years of development experience with the
ability to communicate with clients to ensure the
application not only meets, but exceeds
expectations and requirements.

A combination of exceptional specialized skills, a deep understanding of best practices, business processes, an efficient development methodology as well as competitive cost structure, provides GNC clients excellent value and the comfort of knowing that the project will be completed to expectations the first time.

During the last ten years of successful offshore development, GNC International has completed many projects of varying scale and complexity.

Areas of Expertise
• Business Web Sites using Cloud Services (B2B, B2C,
C2C, etc.)
• Mobile Web Applications and Solutions
• Multi-tier systems with centralized software distribution
• Business Process Automation
• Custom Medical and Healthcare systems
• Analysis and Reporting Systems
• Secure Applications with protected access,
program code and communications
• Cutting edge development platforms and    technologies
(Microsoft .NET Framework, WCF, WPF, real time
video streaming, HTML5, Cocos2D, Unity3D, MoSync)
• Latest database management systems
More Technologies...

Effective Communications

All international consultants can read, write and speak in English. The team is given continual English training and project leaders are in constant communication with US teams. Throughout the course of any project, the client is constantly communicating with the team leader, who possesses excellent communication skills and is accessible via phone, email or Skype during regular business hours. Representatives are available from 2 am CST to 1 pm CST, alternative international resources cannot offer this same day and time access.

Cutting Edge Technologies

To provide the maximum value to our customers, we have ensured the international team is sufficiently trained. GNC consultants participate in a comprehensive ongoing training plan that emphasizes the development of new competencies, augmentation of existing skills and maintenance of current-version skill sets within their respective expertise.

Consultant Capability

Each international consultant possesses a sound technical foundation including formal education, majoring in an Information Technology related field and a minimum of seven years of software development experience. Consultants are assigned to projects only after satisfactorily completing a comprehensive pre-hire screening that involves creating sample applications. We only hire hard-working, qualified, dedicated, and talented software engineers. Our employees are grounded in teamwork, integrity, service and accountability.

Virtual Team
With today's technology we are able to dedicate an employee or a team of employees to your business.  These employees will work just like your on-site employees, just located in a different

Cloud Deployment
Is server maintenance your business?  If not, why are you spending your time, money and effort maintaining your infrastructure?  Utilize cloud computing to support your application to the world.

Dedicated QA Division
We have two dedicated QA teams.  We offer the ability to completely test your system before your users ever see the application.

Traditional Software Development
We will work with you to bring your business vision to a functioning software solution.
Virtual Team

  • Dedicated single point of contact – Team leader speaks fluent English and has excellent technical and communication skills
  • Dedicated resources – Your own resources with required skills and experience.
  • Expand and Collapse - Possibility to add more resources with required skills virtually at any moment and still have same Team Leader to work with. Just tell us you need this done faster, and we will add people for required time and then remove them when they are not necessary.
  • Quality Assurance - Dedicated QA team to test all new code or fixes.
  • Less Overhead - Having more people in “virtual team” will not require more management effort from you – you will talk to the same Team Leader who can manage up to 10 people in your “virtual team”.
  • Manage Your Team - You give tasks, gather estimates and have your Virtual Team Leader estimate ETA, so all planning is under your control.
  • Project Management Controls - We can use your source code management system or give you full access to ours, or synchronize two systems, if you are using a “virtual team” as an extension of your development team. We can also offer use of a SharePoint site if you feel this is easier.
  • Management Oversight - Virtual Team Leader reviews tasks you give and assures he understands your requirements. Then he passes requirements to team members and assures they understand them in their turn.
  • Methodology Control - Virtual Team Leader controls adherence to required methodology.
  • Additional Quality Assurance - Virtual Team Leader reviews development results (deliverables) and assures they conform to the requirements.
  • True Billing - Virtual Team Leader bills you for real time he spent with your virtual team, not more.
  • Executive Value - You can contact the GNC Vice President as Relationship Manager or International Practice Manager at any moment to utilize their 35 years of experience in software development projects.

Our Reputation Speaks for Itself

Our clients are faced with many important decisions that will impact profitability for years to come. GNC's list of clients currently numbers over one hundred twenty, including several having the leading market share in their industry. Their ongoing success is verified by the fact that GNC has been consistently called back for repeat assignments

"I had the privilege to work for GNC a year ago. When my current company was considering outsourcing some of our projects, the first company I thought of was GNC. Their commitment and dedication assure that customer needs are not only met but exceeded. To date the work they have completed for my company has been first-rate."
- Monica G Smith, Group O Marketing Solutions

GNC International works with clients from across the world to build cutting-edge custom business software based on the latest Microsoft or Oracle technology. Being a USA based company, our clients get security and ease of communication combined with highly qualified consultants at competitive rates, some as low as $25 USD per hour.

Working closely with our clients' IT or business users, GNC will gather requirements and execute our proven development methodology to create a solution to meet your needs. Our team will partner with our clients to gather their requirements in any format and assist them in realizing their goals. GNC International has worked across multiple solutions including Medical Practice Management and Electronic Medical Records, IT Asset Management, Business Process Automation, Business-to-Web portals, B2B and B2C systems, Workflow Management and Gaming & Entertainment software.


The typical GNC International client is a Fortune 1000 business that has already invested a sizeable amount of capital in one or more Oracle applications.

These companies compete in a wide cross section of industries but have one common goal. They must protect that investment and, at the same time, make improvements to their business processes and increase their competitiveness. Clients seek out and utilize the help of a successful consulting firm that has a working knowledge of best business practices as well as technical proficiency with the Oracle products. They rely on this consulting firm to help them make the right decisions concerning the addition of needed functionality and upgrades to the existing system.
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