A Trusted Partner

GNC has been in business since 1995.  We are partners with Microsoft and Oracle and are viewed as a partner who is highly flexible and creative, is easy to work with, and proven in our ability to help customers gain maximum value from usage of their applications.  GNC measures success on its customer satisfaction levels.  We have a reputation for consistently delivering projects on time and within budget.

Experienced Consultants

Since GNC was founded, a constant practice has been followed to hire and retain consultants with top qualifications.  GNC's consulting staff has an average often  10 years of application development experience, in all industry leading development platforms.

Competitive Cost Structure

GNC's consulting rate structure in tandem with its ability to consistently deliver engagements on time and within budget has consistently delivered a significant savings of cost and time for customers.

Proven Performance

Since our inception in 1995, GNC has focused on the implementation, upgrade and maintenance of applications.  Our reputation for delivering projects on time and within budget has been our trademark.  GNC is indeed the right partner for all your application development needs.


Mitigation of Risk

We will mitigate your project risks by providing:
  • A single solution
  • A refined solution delivery method based upon GNC's proven methodology
  • Extensive best practices and intellectual capital
  • Experienced consultants

Ease of Doing Business

GNC's primary focus is to assist its customers through implementation and upgrade of applications.  GNC has trained experts to provide clients with solutions to their business problems by implementing solutions efficiently and as quickly as possible.  In addition, our access to both internal and external technical support groups provides us with a large repository of information to quickly resolve issues as the project progresses.

GNC focuses on 100% customer satisfaction.

GNC's primary goal is to help clients attain success with their projects.  The focus is on minimizing costs and maximizing results.  This is done through the internal knowledge base and effective management, with executive level project management involvement  throughout every engagement.

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